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Client Experience. It's what we do best.

People. Purpose. Performance.

High-Performance Buildings
and Infrastructure for All 

We combine our passion for sustainability with our knowledge of construction to engineer high-performance buildings within budget.

Windsor Engineers engages with the project team early in the design process to understand the project goals and design criteria. This allows us to develop documents that are detailed and unique to each project. Regardless of the project delivery method, our solutions are truly integrated.

Windsor Engineers offers extensive Infrastructure planning, design, and construction management experience!


We work for municipalities, industry, developers, land owners, architects, and contractors. Our two overarching service areas are Civil Engineering and Environmental Engineering


Civil includes site development and design of either stand-alone civil projects or as part of multi-discipline building or infrastructure projects. Our capabilities in Environmental are broad – with experience in planning, conveyance, storage, pumping, and treatment in drinking water, wastewater, and stormwater.

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