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Windsor provided full mechanical and electrical design and construction services for a 30,000 square-foot historic primary school. The existing Skamania Elementary school building was built in 1947, with many of the original systems still in use. The project was part of a modernization effort to update the facility’s technology and systems to current codes.

Windsor scope included an investigative pre-design phase, followed by full design documentation and construction administration. Windsor’s familiarity with relevant state and local building codes and associated legal requirements helped to keep the project on schedule.

The project scope included a complete replacement of the existing aging HVAC systems, installation of a completely new electrical service to support the upgrades, and a complete replacement of the lighting and controls with high-efficiency LED. Additionally, new low-voltage systems including intercom, fire alarm, and expanded WiFi access were completed.

The building improvements allowed the students and staff to return to a safer and more comfortable space. The new electrical service allowed for new fire suppression and electrical systems and an intercom system. The HVAC system maximizes indoor air quality and comfort, while controlling project cost and energy consumption.

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