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Our core values are our foundation. Our vision is what we always want our company to be. Our mission is what we rally around. Our culture stems from all three.

WE CoreValues_Right Attitude copy.jpg
WE CoreValues_Right Attitude copy.jpg



Positive when possible, realistic when necessary. Can-do, will-do, not overly worrisome. Keeps ego in check. No entitlement mentality. Solutions-focused mindset. Helpful and caring—to both team and clients.

Windsor Core Value_Ownership_Icon_website.png

Positive when possible, realistic when necessary. Can-do/will-do, not overly worrisome. Keep egos in check. No entitlement mentality. Solutions-focused mindset. Helpful and caring, to both team and clients.

The Right Attitude
WE CoreValues_Ownership.jpg
WE CoreValues_Ownership.jpg



Self-starter, not waiting around to be told what to do. Resourceful—find a way to get the job done. Reliable—others know they can count on you. Committed—do things you say you will. Results—you own the outcome, good or bad.

WE CoreValues_Constant Improvement copy.jpg
WE CoreValues_Constant Improvement copy.jpg


Looks for ways to get better, personally and professionally. Embraces change for the better. Helps others improve and shares knowledge.

Constant Improvement
VISION: We are an inspiring engineering company that provides amazing opportunities for awesome people.

We are always looking for ways to be inspiring. Whether it's providing unprecedented employee benefits or inspiring the next generation of innovative thinkers to join our cause, we want to stand out from the crowd.
We think awesome people have the right attitude, take ownership, and are always ready to learn and improve. We know if we build a team around impressive people, this will unlock doors of opportunity for all.

MISSION: Provide world class client experiences by focusing on people, purpose, and performance.

We crave putting a smile on our clients faces and take pride in the impact we make. We love engineering and we make it fun. We never stop looking, researching, and innovating new ways to communicate, influence, and help our clients to make the right decisions. Talk is cheap, but results are lasting. We know we cannot fulfill our mission and live our vision if we cannot produce results. Whether it's for our employees or for our clients, Windsor's reputation matters. Each employee's reputation matters. What we do is who we are.

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